Indian Cotton Solutions


  This is an innovation, a concept designed mainly with a "cotton farmer" orientation and balancing the thoughts of the entire Textile industry chain from Farmer to Weaver. In India cotton farmers are not being encouraged and are also not getting the benefits comparatively in the Textile chain. The capital-intensive spinning sector of cotton industry is also not happy with lot of cotton price fluctuation because there is one negative year in every 3 years in the market; due to this all cash-rich companies are affected heavily. In the supporting process, ginning mills are also not happy due to heavy fluctuations of industry. Here in this design, cotton farmer has great importance because they are cotton producers with their maximum efforts. India takes pride in being number ...

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Special Note : All Members can check raw cotton MSP prices through crop rate calculator, lint MSP rate through lint rate calculator and Yarn MSP through Yarn MSP calculator provided above links on your home page by proper log in to your account.     Cotton Seed Purchasers:    Cotton s...

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