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    TITLE –SYSTEMS AND METHOD OF INTEGRATING COTTON FARMER WITH CLOTH MANUFACTURER.  TITLE: The following specification particularly describes the Invention and the manner in which it is to be performed.     FIELD OF THE INVENTION     The present invention relates in system and method generally relates to the field of cotton production, value addition through Innovative ginning and sales, and more particularly to a system and method for coordinating information relating to the production of cotton. The present invention is also directed to utilizing such information for, among other purposes, communication, real time decision making, predictive modeling, risk sharing and/or sustainable purposes.     BACKGROUND OF INVENTION: ...

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      Special Note : All Members can check raw cotton MSP prices through crop rate calculator, lint MSP rate through lint rate calculator and Yarn MSP through Yarn MSP calculator provided above links on your home page by proper log in to your account.     Cotton Seed Purchasers:    Cotton seed purchasers can register their names through registartion section and then they can participate in daily buying by giving "Bank Guranty" of some amount and seed allotment will be done on daily basis to t...

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