Dear All,        
As Govt of India cotton MSP price increased to Rs 5550/quintal for 30mm cotton for 2020-21 cotton Season of October 2020 to September 2021. However as a private organization, after Carona Virus lockdown markets were collapsed by 15-20% but we keep buying cotton from farmers as per live rates derived from day daily cotton lint bales market and cotton seed market, so we keep on changing and updating our daily prices in website so all farmers can view and sell your cotton prices mentioned below please note below prices are loose cotton [no Jute/Plastic/HDPE boras allowed] delivery prices at Guntur includes lorry freight and other charges.  
S.No   Staple Length Colour(Rd) / Grade(CG) Rate/quintal delivery at Guntur  
1 31mm 80+ / 21 4250  
2 31mm 75-79 / 31 4200  
3 31mm 70-74 / 41 4150  
4 30mm 80+ / 21 4100  
5 30mm 75-79 / 31 4050  
6 30mm 70-74 / 41 4000  
7 29mm 80+ / 21 4050  
8 29mm 75-79 / 31 4000  
9 29mm 70-74 / 41 3950  
10 All other Qualities as per Mill delivery NABL LAB Quality Report Below Rs.3900/- Level  
Special Conditions:      
1] All above rates are indicated rates final rates will be arrived as per our NABL accredited quality Lab reports after your delivery at our mills in Guntur.
2] Payments will be paid fully by RTGS to farmer’s bank account (no cash payment allowed) within 48 hours after receipt of goods in mill.
3]1% increase in moisture % will reduce 2% or Rs100/quintal whichever is higher.
4] Cotton must be delivered in loose form only [not in Jute, plastic, HDPE boras]
5] If any Jute, plastic, or HDPE contamination found in cotton will be reduced Rs.50-100/- quintal
6] For daily rates changes you can see our website of
Special Note : All Members can check raw cotton MSP prices through crop rate calculator  in our website  provided above links on your home page by proper log in to your account.